Ultra Hoodie modular system decode: how we made it possible.

Introducing the first modular system on Hoodie.

Additional to creating a comfortable, weather adaptable performance hoodie, our new M-system modular ecosystem design made it so much easier to store our personal belongings seamlessly with magnets. And to be able to swap around the pack while keeping the pack with its purpose even when it’s detached to the hoodie. To meet the concept of adaptive, dynamic and versatile for better performance, Ultra Hoodie was born with our built-in modular system and we call it the M-system. Ultra Hoodie is coming soon to Kickstarter, sign up now for launch notification and get your super early bird discount.

M-system Pack

M-system Pack is made with waterproof material and built with waterproof zippers. It has three individual compartments to store your everyday essentials and one dedicated Airpods pocket for quick access. The two magnets on the pack allow the pack to be snapped onto Ultra Hoodie easy and fast. Believing that these accessories should still maintain their functions when detached, M-system Pack is designed to be carried in multiple ways with our M-system strap. M-system is customized, expandable and can be worn anyway you like.

M-system Cardholder

Our M-system Cardholder is another accessory you can wear individually or with the pack. It has three individual slots, one for ID cards, one that holds multiple cards with a pull lever for easy access, and another separate slot for quick access. RFID is embedded to protect your cards from unauthorized RFID scans as well as have you easily communicate with contactless passes like travel cards or ski passes. It also comes with a magnetic fastener for easy and quick access.

What’s more?

M-system modular ecosystem still has more accessories to come as we are continueing busy developing. Please stay tuned and don't forget Ultra Hoodie is launching soon on Kickstarter, jump on this trend with us before it's too late. Learn more.


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