Our values are built and derived from three elements - Sartorial Aesthetic, Technology and Sustainability. We believe this creates an indisputable perspective towards menswear. Our design integrates sports elements and heritage fashion from sustainable sources – providing every customer comfort and the ability to adapt to different environments. We see the emerging market of menswear and apply functional yet sustainable textiles to ready-to-wear items, breaking the impression of formal menswear, allowing style and function to co-exist. We aim to create a paradigm shift, a new era and perception, mirroring our slogan - stand as a legend, move like a beast.


It is the world’s first ever waterproof, anti-odour, ultra-stretchable, wrinkle-free, highly breathable and UV protected two-piece suit that is ethically produced from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, the suits is designed to adapt to the modern man’s active lifestyle. Sartorial aesthetic, sophisticated technology and environmental sustainability combined into a single two-piece suit for all occasions. 

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