Ultra Suit 3.0

DWR| 360° Stretch| Machine Wash

Machine Wash | Dryer Safe

Magnetic closure | Modular accessories

Dry at all times

Durable water repellent fabric material that keeps the rain and other liquid away.


Breathable fabric material with an air ventilation design added to both the jacket and trousers to increase the airflow with the wearer's movement.


Ever-lasting mechanical stretch weaved from a unique pattern from recycled elastic-free fibers.

Safe & Secure

Additional hidden zippered-slots built in the pant pockets for low-key storage, keeping those personal valuable items safe.

Q & A

Q1: Are there any different features from the women's suit?
A1:Ultra Suit 3.0 women's style is specially made to modify the waist curve of the body. At the same time, the women's suit pants are a slight flared cut with the trousers treated with slits.

Q2:How long does the water-repellent feature last?
A2:According to our testing, Ultra Suit 3.0 maintains up to 90% of it's water-repellent capability after 20 washes.

Q3:Can I find sizes for big & tall?
A3:We size up to 3XL for men and Large for women. Please see size chart below.

Men's (Chart link)

Women's (Chart link)