Ultra Hoodie coming soon to Kickstarter

We are proud to introduce our upcoming project Ultra Hoodie. World’s first modular system on apparel. We have fused a magnetic system into our hoodie to easily snap on our pack and cardholder, creating a seamless experience to store your personal belongings. We call this system, M-system and it includes our Ultra Hoodie, an M-system Pack and an M-system Cardholder. Launching soon on Kickstarter, sign up now for super early bird discount.

Imagine you would never have to carry your sling bag again. Our M-system Pack is designed for you to snap it onto your hoodie with 2 magnetic locks. You could carry it directly, no worries. Snap-on your cardholder by your choice, or you could carry the cardholder itself with our strap. Every piece is adaptable by your choice, any way you like. 

Ultra Hoodie is crafted with our newly developed 3 layered fleece fabric. It’s weatherproof, breathable and comfortable. Designed for performance, Ultra Hoodie is functional and full of details. We have put in some cool designs to make your days easier, including:

#M-system Pack | 2-way carry! Snap it on your Ultra Hoodie or carry it alone as a perfect pack itself.

# Airpods Vents | Slip your AirPods through without taking off your hoodie.

 # Airpods Straps | To store your AirPods safely when you move around.

# Towel Loop | Store your towel and free your hands.

# Weather Proof Fabric | Keep you dry and comfy at all times.

# Watch Window | For easy access to your watch.

#Card Pocket | Easy access to your cards!


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    @Alex We have sizes from S-2XL for Ultra Hoodie, but feel free to forward your measurements to our email and we could discuss with our designers to see how our products fit you, thanks!

  • Alex

    What sizes will you offer? I can only wear XS or smaller.

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