Behind the scenes of Ultra Hoodie campaign video shooting.

Today, we would like to share the behind the scenes of our Ultra Hoodie campaign video shooting and product photo shooting. We have been working with Alpha Studios on a couple of projects so far and the work has always been high-quality productions that would always excite us. Alpha Productions is located in Spain and was founded by Pedro Rudolphi, a talented director and actor who has provided us with wonderful videos, photos, and production ideas.
Since brainstorming on the Ultra Hoodie campaign video for Kickstarter we knew that we wanted to focus on the comfort and functionality of Ultra Hoodie and most importantly, how it can have us covered in all weather conditions, anywhere, anytime. We have worked on covering a wide arrange of scenes including gyms, coffee shops, outdoors and daily commuting. A lot of the beautiful landscapes are all captured in Spain. Product shooting isn't the easiest thing as we need to include all the functions in the narrative and make sure that the products are shown clearly in the footage, and we are lucky to work with Alpha Studio to create this wonderful piece.
As for our M-system expandible modular ecosystem, we have also worked on how to seamlessly switch around the different gears with different scenarios. We are working on the finalizing of the clip now and are very excited. It is always our pleasure to have your feedback and please write to us or message us if you have any thoughts on our creatives, we are always happy to hear. Ultra Hoodie is launching soon on Kickstarter and if you still haven’t signed up to get launch notification and super early bird discount, make sure you sign up here.
Some more photos here:

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