Ultra Coat
Ultra Coat
Ultra Coat
Ultra Coat
Ultra Coat
Ultra Coat

Ultra Coat

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Navy blue and army green available for pre-order, will be ready in June!

Tranzend’s Ultra Coat is a stylish and functional self-heated jacket that keeps you ready for any adventure.
Ethically produced from recycled coffee grounds, the blazer is designed to adapt to the modern man’s active lifestyle.

  • Waterproof: Our fabrics excel in water resistance tests up to 15000mm rating.
  • Heats Instantly: Our is powered by type-C power banks..
  • Anti-odour: The fibers quickly absorb the odour that your body produces.
  • Ultra-stretchable: Feel free and stay active with our ultra stretchable suit.
  • Wrinkle-free:The natural heat of your body  flatten the fiber and the fabric.
  • Breathable: Quickly remove moisture to keep your body dry and comfortable.
  • Anti-stain: Keeps ketchup, coffee, juice, wine or anything perfectly away.   
  • Eco-friendly: Ethically produced from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles.
  • UV protected: The micro holes and pores in the fabric provide ultimate UV protection.

Introducing Ultra Coat

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The material won't allow any water to penetrate - It's 15,000 mm waterproof rating outer fabric features weatherproof technology and sustainable bio-based high water pressure resistance membrane that can resist up to water fall level of water pressure.


With the click of a button, you can instantly turn up the heat.Ultra Coat lets you choose a high, medium, or low setting. The heating panels range from 42°C (107 °F) to as high as 55°C (131 °F).


Our heating system has zone control and three adjustable heat levels to choose from, plus a boost mode that instantly heats up the coat to its maximum level in 5 minutes to warm your back neck and abdomen area.

Level Control

BLUE: 42°C | WHITE: 50°C | RED: 55°C | boost mode: 5 mins instant max heat

Magnetic Earbuds Holder

Detachable Sling Bag

FidLock Detachable hood

Invisible Card Holder

Powered by Type-C Charger

Waterproof Zippers

Carry it like a backpack

Adjustable Velcro

8 pockets

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