Product Introduction

The ultimate suit blazer that handles any type of situations. Ethically produced from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, the blazer is designed to adapt to the modern man’s active lifestyle.

  • Waterproof: Our fabrics excel in water resistance tests up to 15000mm rating.
  • Anti-odour: The fibers quickly absorb the odour that your body produces.
  • Ultra-stretchable: Feel free and stay active with our ultra stretchable suit.
  • Wrinkle-free:The natural heat of your body  flatten the fiber and the fabric.
  • Breathable: Quickly remove moisture to keep your body dry and comfortable.
  • Anti-stain: Keeps ketchup, coffee, juice, wine or anything perfectly away.   
  • Eco-friendly: Ethically produced from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles.
  • UV protected: The micro holes and pores in the fabric provide ultimate UV protection.