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The modern lifestyle has changed the way we dress, work and live our days. One owns multiple restaurants and bars in Taipei, and lives his versatile life through the creation of cultural cuisine while exciting the palettes and experiences of his customers. Today, we have the chance to sit down with restaurant and bar owner One and chat about how he creates and lives his inspirational days.

Q: How does your daily work life affect your preference for your outfit? In general, I don't wear shorts to the restaurant as they are too casual for me. For the basics, I’d like to wear a comfortable classic T-shirt just to match the interior deco of my restaurant and stay aligned with the atmosphere.

Q: What does a T-Shirt mean to you? Apart from the design, what features do you mind the most? (Practicality, Functionality, Price, Appearance, Popularity, Uniqueness, Longevity) Comfort always comes first when it comes to clothing. If it's everyday wear, I'd prefer the cuttings to fit my body perfectly. As for the comfortless, the quality of the fabric must be smooth to the skin. And it would be a plus if there’s functionality. A tailored design with functionality would be exactly what I want.

Q: What do you want to accomplish next? I’m focusing on the next 10 years and the following decade after that. It will only happen through ongoing improvement, continuous adjustment, and also pouring out hearts into the making of the food and wine. We have been moving towards one single goal. In the next 10 years, I hope PS Tapas could become a leading restaurant in Spanish cuisine here in Taipei.

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