What is jersey/ tech jersey fabric? And why is it so comfortable?

What is jersey fabric?

Jersey fabric is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable types of fabrics when it comes to performance wear. It mainly comes in two forms, single knit or double knit. Single knit jersey looms with a single set of needles, which makes one smooth side and a more distinct looping texture on the back. As for the double knit jersey, it is knitted using two sets of needles and has a more stable structure.

Originated from the island of Jersey, located between France and Britain, the fabric was first used to make pullover sweaters that fishermen used to wear. Later on, jersey fabric became more popular for men’s clothing, particularly in sports.

Today, the use of jersey fabric is widespread due to being soft, breathable, and stretchy with different materials knitted, technical jersey was brought to the market to meet the different needs and conditions for better performance.

What are the properties of jersey fabric?


A knitted piece of fabric can stretch in all directions, knitted fabric has much more elasticity than woven fabrics.

Wrinkle Resistance:

The stretchier a material is, the less prone it is to wrinkling. Thanks to the knitting structure of jersey cotton, the material is exceptionally supple, flexible, and unlikely to show creases. Its wrinkle resistance also helps garments keep their shape.


The knitted pattern allows air to circulate freely between the fibres, thus giving jersey fabrics excellent breathability.


Jersey fabric is incredibly soft, while cotton and viscose jersey fabrics have a softer texture compared to polyester jersey fabrics.


Jersey knit fabric is durable and resistant to tear. And that explains why they are so commonly used for sportswear.

What is tech jersey fabric?

With different materials and knitting technology, technical jersey fabrics are high design and high performance fabrics that provide a wide range of benefits. For example, combining rayon with spandex adds more stretch and recovery to the fabric to make it more versatile and practical, which is perfect for active wear.

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