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The modern lifestyle has changed the way we dress, work and live our days. EJ, a shoe designer who is also a curator of a live house and a guitar player of a band, lives his versatile, artistic life in Taipei, Taiwan. Today, we got the chance to sit down with EJ and chat about how he balances everything together.

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Q: How does your daily work life affect your preference on selecting your outfit?

I go for a fusion of old and new which is a philosophy of mine. In fact, whether it's music, making shoes or clothing, they are all closely related to each other. I like old school designs, and I look into combining new contemporary elements, design and concept with classic pieces.

Q: What does a T-Shirt mean to you? Besides design, what features do you focus on most? (Practicality, Functionality, Price, Appearance, Popularity, Uniqueness, Longevity)

T-shirts are the most basic Outfit or Style for me. Basically I can wear a t-shirt all year long and it's like a part of my body. In addition to its design, I am most particular about the details of the clothes. Sometimes the tiny details might not seem to have an impact, but can change the look of the entire outfit.

Q: What is your next goal in life?

I want to strike a balance between each plan. If we speak of music, of course, it's forward to more performances. In terms of handmade shoes, I hope more people can enjoy the service of customized shoes.

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