We all deserve to treat ourselves with more comfort! Introducing Ultra Tee.

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For Spring 2022, TRANZEND expands with a first drop of daily essentials, Ultra Tee collection ; built for transitioning in and out of the physical performance to optimize your daily performance.

Ultra Tee is brought to you believing it will contribute to your daily comfort with a new level of smoothness and wick away your sweat throughout the different occasions. Whether you’re working out, day travels, or at work, Ultra Tee got you covered.

Starting from the fabric...

Yes, that was exactly where we started. Crafting the perfect garment starts with the right fabric. Starting from fabric development, we have found a perfect blend of Tencel™ lyocell combined with S. Café® coffee fabric technology to create a smooth silk-like softness touch. It's lightweight with an incredibly rich texture and year-round wearability. Feels like a dream against the skin.

When Tencel™ lyocell meets S.cafe, let’s talk about the benefits!

01 Durability
Ultra Tee is made with quality, the tighter weave and detailed design make it stronger - this means you can wear your favourites for longer.
02 Long-lasting Softness & Smoothness
Ultra Tee feels soft against the skin. The perfect blend of Tencel™ and S. Café® technology fabric provides a luxurious texture you can not resist.
03 Odour Resistant
Less odour! S. Café® technology combines coffee grounds onto the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament. The micro-pores on S. Café® coffee grounds absorb odours perfectly.
04 Breathable
Ultra Tee is tested to have 3X better breathability than your cotton T-shirts, which allows air to pass through to keep you comfortable at all times.
05 Stretchable
Just check this out! 

06 6 Styles To Choose From
Ultra Tee comes in 6 styles with 2 colours.

>> Preorder now - 25% off Retail Price

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