Ultra Hood
Ultra Hood

Ultra Hood

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The ultimate hood ready for all kinds of weather. Ultra Hood effortlessly sync with Ultra Blazer using our custom magnets design, which transforms the blazer into a raincoat in seconds. It can also be used as a standalone rain hood.
It is waterproof, anti-odour, ultra-stretchable, wrinkle-free, breathable and UV protected. Ethically produced from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, the Ultra Hood is designed to work best with Ultra Blazer, transforming the blazer into a raincoat in seconds.
P.S. The size of the Ultra Hood must match the size of the Ultra Blazer.

Ultra Suit

The Most Advanced & Eco-friendly Suit


Ultra Blazer Effortlessly Attachable to the Magnetic Ultra Hood

Ultra Stretchable Suit

Ultra Stretchable

Unimaginable Comfort & Maximise One's Agility

Sustainably Made

Build from recycled coffee grounds & plastic bottles

I've worn the Ultra Suit to many events now and everyone thinks it's a normal stylish suit. Then when I show them it's waterproof, it blows their mind!

Steve Alapatt

The jacket fits perfectly! The stretch is really amazing; it's waterproof just like in the ad video. The suit quickly goes from suit to "hood trench" in seconds! There's magnetic in the right areas to lock in a seal. I couldn't be happier with this suit!

Phil Chen

"The Ultra Suit Blazer Turns into a Raincoat"

Reviewed by Insider

“We tried Tranzend's blazer. It transforms into a raincoat! The material is lightweight and stretchable. It repels stain and it’s functional, comfortable and stylish!"

“The Tranzend suit.... sets itself apart as the world’s first suit with a feature list. Made to absolutely unleash your beast-mode at work,..It is the first thing you’ll wear in the morning and the last thing you’ll wear all day. 
Ideal for both inside as well as outside the boardroom, the Tranzend suit is the future of fabric and fashion."

“This incredible outfit has loads of features to cater to your everyday. It’s totally waterproof as well as stain-resistant. However, it’s also totally breathable and wrinkle-free making it ideal for wearing anywhere. The Ultra Suit dries quickly and deters any odors so you always smell your best!”


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